Monday, January 11, 2010

Winter Classes and Workshops begin this month

Six-week classes begin the week of January 25th, workshops January 18th
The Winter 2010 session offers a wide array of subjects for high school students.

Class/workshop topics include:
Speech Team Prep Workshops (1/18 only)
Slapstick Physical Comedy (1/23 only)
Stage Combat (begins 1/25)
Directing for the Stage (begins 1/25)
Improv (begins 1/26)
Demystifying Shakespeare (begins 1/27)
The Physical Actor (begins 1/27)
Stage Make-up: Fantasy (2/6 only)
Hip-Hop, Jazz and Tap classes

Click here to view the full class offering and to register online. Class brochures will be in your mailboxes early this week for advertising.

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