Thursday, May 7, 2009

Twelve Angry Men Set Looking for a Good Home

The stunning set shown above came from the combined efforts of the scene shop, prop master and the delightfully creative vision of set designer Sara Houston and lighting designer Darrin Golden. Sara Houston, a grad of Webster Conservatory in St. Louis, Mo., is a former TTAP apprentice from the Playhouse who admits: “I grew up here”. We are certainly glad she did, and we can see her design credentials are outstanding.

One of the longest conference tables anyone has seen it appears to be about 20’ long, and based on an old conference or library table model found in many public buildings, years ago. Chairs were borrowed from a local restaurant, and fixtures on the wall and ceiling from the prop shop at the Playhouse. The set is massive for the Howard Drew theatre, spanning up past the gallery opening, and covered with wall texture for the interior and faux marble for the exterior of the building. One of the interesting tricks to the trade is the rain that takes place beyond the two windows pictured above. Many theatres might have settled for something less than a real rain effect, as it can be a horrid mess, if not done right.

The iconic show is a classic in every way, with the aura of OCP alumnus Henry Fonda who played the lead role in the film, and on the Broadway stage; now an all star cast from Omaha, with brilliant director Susan Clement-Toberer at the helm. Reputedly there were 80 some actors who read for auditions and as Doug Blackburn (adjunct professor of theater at Metro College and cast member) stated: “These actors have their chops”!

So where does this massive table and set go after the show closes? Undoubtedly the props go into storage, and unless there is something special about the set and the shop has time to salvage, it will be donated to a local school or disposed of after June 2nd.

If you are interested in the set, please call Steve Bross, Apprenticeship Director, at 553-4890 ext. 144 and express your need! Please have information as to how you plan to haul your set away: you will need a flatbed truck to get these set pieces away from here, and in many cases your district’s maintenance shop can help you out. The tallest portion of the set is 18 feet, so plan accordingly. You have to coordinate within a narrow window of time to get the set, as someone may beat you to the punch and it can only stay around here for a short time before it is dismantled and disposed of. Note that first come and first served is the name of the game with sets, so call soon!

OCP Student Representative Board wants YOU!

The OCP Student Representative Board, new for the 2009-10 school year, would be comprised of creative and dynamic students from each drama program throughout the Omaha/Council Bluffs area. The purposes of the Board would be to:
* Share opportunities for education, volunteering and performing at the Playhouse with their own drama programs
* Introduce a younger audience to Playhouse productions and events
* Network with other drama students regarding upcoming events or productions and other noteworthy items within their own drama programs
* Learn about the artistic vision and general operation of the Playhouse

Melanie Walters, Director of Education and Outreach, will be contacting each of your schools within the next week to set up a time to speak to your drama classes, clubs or ITS troupes regarding this leadership opportunity.

Feeling left out? Introducing $7 Sunday Nights for Adults!

Enjoy $7 tickets on Sunday Nights during the opening weekend of each Mainstage production (does not include A Christmas Carol) Tickets are available in person at the box office window starting at 4 p.m. on the day of the show. Cash and check are the accepted forms of payment. Seats are limited and are subject to availability. No advanced reservations for this special offer. This offer is not valid on previous purchases.

Upcoming Date for $7 Sunday Nights:
Gypsy: Sunday, May 31st, 6:30 p.m.

OCP offers $7 student tickets for any opening weekend!

High School and Full Time College Students are eligible to see an opening weekend performance of a regular season production for only $7! Students should call the box office at 553-0800 or visit the box office in person to purchase a Lucky 7 ticket. Students must show their school’s student identification when picking up the ticket at the Will Call window. Each student is limited to one ticket per production. Offer valid only during the opening weekend performances of a regular season production. Special events are excluded from this offer.